L. A. B. Quality Machining, Inc. - 25 years of quality machining
L. A. B. Quality Machining, Inc. posesses high-end equipment in order to maintain the precise standards demanded by industry.
Milling Machines:
2013 GBI Revolution 24 tool high speed contour mill
1998 Dyna 3220 Milltronics CNC Machining Center- 24 tool changer
2004 DPM5 20" x 40" Bed type CNC Vertical Machining Center, Proto Track SM Controller
1997 Supermax 16" x 32" Vertical Mill with CNC Proto Track MX2 Control
Milltronics Partner 1 (12 station CNC tool changer) Machining Center
1990 Yamazen Vertical Machining Center with 8400 MP Allen Bradley Controls
Victor 12" x 30" Vertical Mill - Mitutoya Read-outs
Wire E.D.M. Machines:
2008 Makino Wire E.D.M. SP43
1990 Sodick Wire E.D.M. BF275 Rebuilt in 2003
2008 Supertec CNC Control Surface Grinder 12" x 24"
Doall Hand-Operated Surface Grinder 6" x 18"
Elb High Precision Surface Grinder 12" x 30"
Brown & Sharpe Hydraulic 6" x 18" Micro Master Surface Grinder
Covel 6" x 18" Hand Surface Grinder w/Harig motorized spinner
Cincinnati #2 cutter grinder with radius and O.D. attachments
1996 HMT O.D. and I.D. grinder (K130) 10" x 31.5" between centers w/position chuck, magnetic chuck, and 5C collet setup
Seiko I.D. & O.D. grinder 4" x 10"
Heald I.D. grinder No. 70A 14 face plate machine reworked in 2004
1' 2" Blade Grinder with adjustable angled grinding head
Moore Precision #2 Jig Grinder with Acu-Rite .0001" read-outs
Hauser Jig Grinder Type 5 SM-DR 20" x 28" bed type
2008 ProtoTrac CNC Lathe, TRL 1630SX, 16" x 30"
2003 Milltronics CNC Lathe, 22" x 60" 8 station turrent, Centurion 7 control
Logan 14" x 36" tool room lathe
Delta 10" x 24" tool room lathe
Other Machines & Tools:
Doall 13" Band Saw Vertical
Doall Model C916 Horizontal cut-off saw
Rolling Vertical cut-off saw
Kalamazoo Chop Saw
Miller 250 Syncrowave Tig Welder
Surface plates 12" x 36" x 48", 6" x 24" x 36" & smaller plates
Gage blocks, Gage pins, Bore gages, Height gage
J&L Shadow Graph Optical Comparator
Nikon Profile Projector V-12
Elox Electron Drill Auto Feed
Troyke 15" Rotary Table
2 Ellis DC Variable Speed Drill Press
Elmeldingen Tilting High Precision Rotary Table
Service Diamond Hardness Tester
Acetylene Torch and Lincoln Arc Welder
Sand Blaster
Pedestal buffers and grinders
4000 lb. Clark L.P Fork Lift
2005 Ford Full Size E150
Heat Treat Furncace with temperature & time control
2 HIgh end computers with:
SolidWorks + MasterCam Cad/Cam software package
Auto Cad L T Software package
Bobcad Cam version 19.1 software package
We can receive the following file formats:
.dwg. dxf. cad. dgn. 3dm. vda. stp. lgs
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